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    Customized Web Development

    A lasting first impression

    First impressions are important and chances are your website will be a customer’s first impression of you. It’s critical that the design, functionality and content of your website gives the customer the right impression. Your site should reflect your company’s personality, provide informative content, clear navigation, and the functionality needed to address the customer’s needs

    That’s why the first step in our custom web development process is to talk to you. This includes discussing your goals and objectives, gathering your requirements and brainstorming potential solutions and alternatives. By understanding you, your business, your goals and objective, we can design and deliver a custom website that will give the customer the right impression

    Beautiful, Functional Web Designs

    It all begins with the right design. Designing a high-quality website requires equal attention to aesthetic appeal, ease of use and functionality. Our designers and architects work together to achieve that balance. Through the use of contemporary design techniques and leading industry standard technologies, our team will design a website that will provide the presence you need to stand out from the rest of the crowd

    And more than just a pretty face, your website needs to be able to provide the functionality needed to convert prospects to buyers. Our team will work with you to ensure that your website has the functional capabilities necessary to deliver the information, products and services as.

    Prototyping and development

    Through the use of cost-effective prototyping, you can review the proposed web design, take it for a spin and discuss potential revisions before the actual development process begins. This saves development time and money by ensuring that we nail down the web design to your exact specifications before our developers start writing any code

    Once you’ve approved the web design we begin an iterative development process including quality assurance procedures throughout the development lifecycle to ensure your website conforms to both the functional and technical specifications. A beta version of your custom website is then made available for you and your team to use, perform your own user acceptance testing and verify that the site performs according to the agreed on specifications

    A complete range of webservices

    Of course you will need some compelling web content in your site to convert those viewers into buyers and if you already have the content we’ll be happy to use it. If not, you might want to consider our web content copywriting services. Our team of skilled copywriters will write SEO friendly copy that will provide feature rich web content for both the customer and the search engines

    In addition to developing your website, we provide a complete range of services needed to establish a professional and comprehensive web presence for you business including

    • Pay per Click Advertising Campaigns
    • BizInContact, our newsletter delivery & tracking system
    • Web hosting and maintenance


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